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by Bryan R. Adams

RELATIONSHIPS with your networking group, or as we like to refer to as your ‘Sales Staff’ is key and critical to experiencing any type of regular and consistent success. RELATIONSHIPS are so important that it’s critical that we work on them as often as possible. Good relationships are harbored in friendship almost to the point where we consider each other part of an extended ‘Family’ of sorts.

We go out of our way to greet each other EVERY TIME we see each other, we ask pertinent questions… “What’s new in your business?”; “How’s your wife and family?”; “anything new on the business front?”; “Any new prospects I could help you with?”. These relatively simple questions can make such a huge difference in your relationship with a fellow networker that most are shocked by the overall result.

We often take RELATIONSHIPS for granted and that is not only a mistake but, a shame. We seem to put credence in the misconception that everyone knows or keeps us at a place called ‘Top of Mind’, and nothing could be further from the truth. We earn that by working our RELATIONSHIP every day.

Have you worked your RELATIONSHIP TODAY?