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There’s one thing that’s necessary to succeed in inviting guests, insuring qualified referrals and the overall success of our chapter.

There’s no two-ways about it, its “HARD WORK”. No matter what we try to achieve in Business or Life, without putting in some “Hard Work” chances are we’ll only be moderately successful. Often I find members questioning or looking for an easy way, “Isn’t there a short-cut?” or “There must be a way to cut-down on the time requirement.”

Unfortunately, the answer is “NO”. A chapter of BNI is successful when all of its members commit to the BNI Program and do the basic requirements necessary to be an effective Networker. Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics.

The three (3) basic components of a successful Networker are “TLC”, Teaching, Listening & Contributing. These three (3) factors lead to becoming a highly successful Networker. So, each week you need to TEACH everyone who you are, what separates you from your competition and exactly what your looking for; LISTEN to what everyone else is looking for and write it down so you don’t forget; and, CONTRIBUTE by bringing qualified referrals and Visitors to assist you and your fellow members.