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By J. Lance Mead

The Professions That Are Good For You, Are Good For Your Chapter

This week I would like to focus on Relationships and how we can use those productively in our building strong and vibrant “Power Teams” in our chapter environment. First, we all know or at the very least have an idea of the “Power Team’ concept that has successfully been implemented in chapters all over the world today. When you look around the room today, how many of you can identify at least one (1) profession that could potentially help you if they were a part of this chapter? The most amazing thing about this simple request is that the responses are almost universally the same. In other words, everyone has a GAP in their “Power Team’ and chances are it’s been there for a while.

I recently visited a chapter that was 8-10 years old and they had approximately the same number of members they had had from their point of Kick-Off many years before and I was complementary of them for maintaining their numbers (they had 28 at Kick-off but, we had closed an additional 8-10 at Kick-Off) so they were at approx. 35. But, as I surveyed the room I only identified 15-20 from the original group so after the meeting I inquired as to how they seemed to maintain themselves at approx. 35 so well.

Actually they told me it had been something I had said at their Kick-Off Meeting when discussing “Contact Spheres” (which we use in a synonymous way with Power Team today). I had quoted Dr. Ivan Misner from the Book “The Worlds Best Known Marketing Secret” or “WBKMS” as we call it today. Apparently I had hit a nerve with many members that the value in BNI comes from having the right people next to you in the chapter and, as they said, “if we lose a member for any reason we immediately address that need for whatever “Contact Sphere” (Power Team) it affects because failure to do that will impact several others’ profitability within our ranks.”

WOW, were they right on message!

Let me assure you its absolutely True! While we always encourage you to bring visitors and every Roster on the Meeting Table in BNI has a “Most Wanted List” or “Desired Member Categories,” there is no one more important than your fellow member. When you lose a valuable asset to your Team, do whatever it takes to replace the lost profession FIRST and everyone will be happy.