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by Bryan R. Adams

Referral Slips

When you fill out your referral slips, please make sure that there is contact info. It is important that a phone number or email address is on the slip. If the member cannot get in touch with the person, it will not count as a referral.

One To Ones

New members’ “One to Ones” will count as referrals in the first two months of their membership.

Older members are encouraged to continue one to ones with members they have already met with. Things change and if it’s been years since you last sat down with someone, there may be loads of new info that can be helpful.

All “One to Ones” with chapter 7 members count.

The two people (or three) who have the “One to One” should hand in their slips. It’s not just the person who initiated the meeting who gets the credit…it’s everyone who participated.

Any other questions/concerns about these two topics should be directed towards your friendly neighborhood education coordinator.