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“Your Web Site IS Your Business Partner”

Marc Silverman owns SilverMarc.com, a Manhattan-based Web Development company that builds interactive sites for clients ranging from ABCNewsOne.tv to ZornCoreFitness.com. His firm has built sites that are pure Internet businesses: CoinTracking.com; online prospectuses: CibolaVista.com; vertical market businesses: MyDigitalDoorman.com; organizational sites: SchoolFunding.info; along with specialty sites for many types of businesses that need a viable Internet presence: BeverageUniverse.com, SensuousBean.com.

Interactivity isn’t just a Buzz-Word…

We’ll incorporate specialized programming on your web site to enable you to easily make Content Updates, maintain and revise an Information Database, and undertake other interactive operations without a web designer’s continued intervention. Send your web person packing!

And we provide hosting as well…

Marc maintains XYZservers.com, a Web Hosting business providing exceptional value and technical support for the back-end part of web development, including php and mySQL programming, video and audio production, and specialized rich-media web graphics. XYZservers.com provides Web Hosting with Email Accounts at the most competitive rates. Our plans are jam-packed with dozens of free add-on features – Bulletin Boards, Chat Rooms, Online Stores, Guestbooks, Comprehensive Visitor Stats, Spam and Email Filters, Mailing Lists, Counters and Countdown Clocks, Databases, and more. The built-in features of our Plans can be viewed on the Hosting Control Panel page, and a complete price chart can be viewed on the Hosting Plans & Prices page. We also maintain an online HelpDesk so customer issues can be resolved, and timely technical support can be provided.

Manhattan BNI Assistant Director…

Marc is a Director Consultant with Manhattan BNI, where he currently works closely with several BNI Chapters (bni19.com, bni31.com, bni42.com) and two chapters-in-formation. If you’re interested in generating a steady source of referral business, visit any of these successful BNI chapters.