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Sharon Klein
Entertainment Bookings
Charles Rosoff
Appraisal Services
(212) 679-3400
(203) 454-3100
David Steinmetz
Private Jeweler
917 744-2035
Tina Larson
Co-Op & Condo Cost Reduction
(917) 648 - 8151
Micheal Castaldo
Italian Entrepeneur
212 947-7271
Jane Becker
(212) 923-3328
(212) 781-5530
Anthony Cammarata
Serena Goldstein
Naturopathic Doctor
646 450-1704

Sub List Policies


The Sub List was created to help Members maintain the weekly integrity of the meetings by facilitating willing and competent substitutes. It is intended to be a "supplementary" support for a members own contacts.

Substitutes will be held to the same standard as members and are expected to abide by the following:

  • Arrive by 7:00 am and stay until 8:30 am
  • Come with a prepared commercial for the member
  • If a sub commits to attend and does not, the member shall not be assessed an absence and the sub will be removed from our list
  • Members should report any infractions of these guidelines to a director
  • These guidelines are subject to review and change at the decision of the executive directors

There is also Sub List on the Manhattan BNI Web Site:

Manhattan BNI Sub List

Chapter 7
32 Members

Agnieszka Chomicz-Grabowska
Alan Hirsh
Ananie Momplaisir
Andrew Zimmerman
Beth Beranbaum
Bill Allen
Bryan R. Adams
Cameron Vens
Claudette Robb Ross
Donna Fullerton
George E. Grace
Harriet R. Goren
Helene Bernstein
Howard Globus
Jason Kapoor
Jason Farrell
Jessica Allen
Kelly Cole
Konstantin Burshteyn
Larisa Likver
Leah Lakins
Marc Silverman
Maria Andrade
Matt Curtis
Morris Cohen
Robert Moy
Robert Soler
Robert J. Smith
Sheila Walker Hartwell
Siri Smith
Stuart Tash
Yosef Rabinowitz

Chapter 7 Goal
$ 1,000,000

Past 12 Months
$ 917,918

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