Leadership Team

Jessica Allen

Co-Vice Presidents
Beth Beranbaum
Cameron Vens

Leah Lakins

Membership Committee
Bobby Soler
Helene Bernstein
Howard Globus
Sheila Walker Hartwell
Yosef Rabinowitz

Visitor Hosts
Andrew Zimmerman
Claudette Robb Ross
Jason Kapoor
Robert J. Smith

Events Committee
Donna Fullerton
Robert Moy
Siri Smith

Education / Mentoring

Bryan Adams

Quote Coordinator
Claudette Robb Ross

Website Coordinator
Marc Silverman

BNI Education

Manhattan BNI Visitors

Visitors bring business TO chapter members. They often need the services of one or more BNI members, who are already viewed with professional credibility by the members that the visitor meets. Ivan Misner stated that the value of visitors is one of the greatest... read more

Memory Hooks – Help them work for you

“Memory Hooks” are short and concise so they can be easily recalled and easily spoken. – If you have to take a breath, it’s too long. – If yours can’t be remembered 2 minutes (or two weeks) after hearing it, it’s too... read more

I Refuse to Participate in a Recession!

by Ivan Misner Recession? So What! Many economic gurus are saying the “R” word – recession. For the most part, the U.S. economy has been strong and business has been good for the past decade. However, the economy goes through cycles. Even if we... read more

The True Purpose Of Testimonials

by Dr. Ivan Misner In the early days of BNI, there was only a “referral” portion of the meeting. If you didn’t have any referrals, then you wouldn’t stand up and say anything. That all changed when one guy refused to stay silent. He said,... read more

Strong Power Teams Lead to Strong Chapters

By J. Lance Mead The Professions That Are Good For You, Are Good For Your Chapter This week I would like to focus on Relationships and how we can use those productively in our building strong and vibrant “Power Teams” in our chapter environment. First, we... read more

Why Introverts Can Be Great Networkers

by Dr. Ivan Misner You don’t have to be a people person to network; you just have to be willing to listen. A common assumption is that a “people person” is the best type of networker. But this isn’t necessarily true. Actually, the only people... read more

Networking Relationships – Relationships are critical!

by Bryan R. Adams RELATIONSHIPS with your networking group, or as we like to refer to as your ‘Sales Staff’ is key and critical to experiencing any type of regular and consistent success. RELATIONSHIPS are so important that it’s critical that we work... read more

Can Greed Be Good? You Bet…

by John Stossel Greed May Well Be the Most Powerful Win-Win Exchange We Have The wailing about “corporate greed” goes on endlessly. Protesters sneer at the “selfishness” of capitalism. From the press, we learn there are two worlds: the... read more

The One-to-One – More than just a good time!

by Marc Silverman A One-to-One often times is misconceived by one of the parties. They view the One-to-One as merely a get-together to share food or drink and involve themselves in “Small Talk.” Often it’s viewed as a waste of time, not that they... read more

Learn How to Ask For Referrals to Grow Your Business

by Joanna L. Krotz Marketing through referrals isn’t just simple, it’s cheap. The idea is to find new customers just by asking peers, associates and existing customers to recommend likely prospects for you to target. So what’s the hitch? Few business... read more

Managing Your Business Cards

by Ivan Misner Try these organizing tips for all of those business cards. Q: Can you give me some suggestions on managing the multitude of business cards I collect from people I meet at networking events? A: You’ve been diligent in attending networking functions... read more